Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bjorn's Princess Party

Bjorn's 31st birthday is just around the corner, on thursday to be exact. In honor of the occasion, last night I threw Bjorn his very own Disney Princess Birthday Party! It was super fun; we had a princess cake, and princess decorations, and princess party favors, and to top it all off the birthday boy came as Cinderella, his favorite disney princess!

Before my house turned into a disastrophy, it was the epidemy of princess!

A close up of the cake. Yes, it's a princess castle!

Bjorn as Cinderella!

A few costume edits, and possibly several beers later...

The Princess & Me!
Together on the butt jiggler machine...I know I said we weren't doing any more Jello shots, but apparently Bjorn didn't get the memo. He thought is was hilarious to make everyone take a shot while working out on the butt jiggler machine. In order,

Meghan & Laurene


Nathan & Al

Dee & Mark

Me & Bjorn

& John

It's too bad you can't see in the photos the actual jiggling motion of the machine. It was just like a Betty Boop cartoon I once saw!

Us girls got in on the princess action too; we totally rocked the tulle skirts!

And Reneau rocked the princess crown!

Random Party Pics!
John was really upset that he forgot his princess costume.

Mark was easily entertained, trying to touch his tongue to his elbow. I swear I didn't try this too!

Not really sure what's going on here, but they're having fun!

Finally, me and my girls!



FatherTime said...

Damn, that same dutch bag was thair again, this time he showed his stoomak.

Paula said...

I find this whole post to be very scary.

Paula said...

Okay, I know the party was the epitome of princess, but can you PLEASE post something new? Pretty please?

Meg said...

Ya - what's up with the ads?