Friday, November 7, 2008

Sweetest Husband Ever

Okay, so I pretty much have the sweetest husband ever! He has done two things recently that lead me to this conclusion. First, last wednesday I arrived home from school to find my house completely dark; wierd. Anyway, I went inside and found some candles lit in the dining room & around the corner was my adorable husband, all dressed up in his fancy outfit (this is how he proposed to me too). On a side note, to Bjorn a fancy outfit means he put on a button up shirt instead of a t-shirt of a sweatshirt. Anyway, he proceeded to get down on one knee and presented me with the High School Musical 3 soundtrack. I hadn't asked or hinted for this gift, he thought of it all on his own! In case you don't know, I'm a total high school musical junkie! Second, today I was feeling like I wanted to be a total dork and actually go see High School Musical 3 in the theater. Up until today, I was satisfied to wait for it to come out on video...but I've been listening to the soundtrack, and now I want to see it. I texted Bjorn if he thought it was stupid for me to go see the movie alone. Low and behold, he texted me back that I didn't need to see it alone; he said he would go with me! How sweet is that?! I love that guy!

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Meg said...

Awwwww....I wouldn't even go see it with you in the theater! ;-)
For sure at home on DVD, but I do have my limits...