Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vibrant Mullet Shampoo

As many of you know, Bjorn has been growing his hair out for the past few months. Earlier this week I mentioned to him that maybe he should go get a haircut; the back seems to be growing a bit faster than the front, and maybe its turning into a mullet. He laughed and said he had noticed that when he was shaking his hair dry (no, I'm not sure why he shakes his hair dry) he could only feel it moving in the back. Anyway, fast forward to this morning...I was getting ready to get in the shower when I noticed there was no soap. So I went rummaging through our very disorganized bathroom closet looking for soap, when I came across this!


Coincidence, I think not! When I asked him about it, first he told me that John gave it to him. When I said I didn't believe him, he changed his story and said he acquired it from Nathan years ago when we all lived in Greenwood. Nathan, if you can verify that story you should, otherwise I have no option other than to think he bought this for his mullet. He can't have a mullet! It's muscle car scented for crying out loud!


Carina Schoen said...

There are salons that offer free mullet removal.

Melanie and the Boys said...

That is sooo funny!! Just what I needed on a rainy Friday morning. I love that it is muscle car scented.