Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ocean Weekend Work Party!

This weekend we headed down to Grayland again, with Meghan, Nathan, and the Parents (Peggy & Rick). On the ticket this time, complete work on the new game room. Work included finishing up the inside walls, putting in the wood stove, and laying the floors. While I would have loved to help with the "work" (ha ha), I unfortunately had mucho bones to study. Also, Nathan had a lot of homework & Peg wasn't feeling well, so PROPS to the real workers...RICK, BJORN, & MEGHAN!!!! Needless to say, with only 3 workers, the game room did not get finished, but they made real headway. Here are the stars of the show hard at work!

Meghan cutting some wood! She's so awesome, I would never use a saw; I'm sure I'd cut myself!

Here's Rick cutting some wood as well!

And Bjorn very seriously hammering something...

Bjorn is also doing some "Bjorn Style" Painting on the walls. They are still works in progress, but here they are.

This is the door that Bjorn painted for Neil & Fara's wedding, it has been built into the wall for posterity! In case you don't know, the painted door was the "wedding program" and listed the evening's events. This is a bit on the cutesy side compared to Bjorn's normal work, plus he doesn't normally use purple!. P.S. This one is finished.

Obviously since there is a Neil & Fara door built into the wall, there had to be a Becky & Bjorn door as well. This one is not finished yet, but I'll post another picture when its all done.

This is one of the walls that is not getting the pretty wood siding...instead, Bjorn has painted it (much to Peg's delight)! I don't think this is finished yet either...Bjorn never leaves much open space, which is why I'm sure it's not done. I'll update you on this as well!

After all that hard work we needed a bit of fun! For dinner Rick made 2 different kinds of cheese fondue, yummy! And for dessert, some chocolate fondue, yummier! We played another rousing game of Apples to Apples and of course after Nathan's B-day Bash I had to make some more jello shots! It's a novelty after all, plus I had all those stupid plastic syringes to reuse! LOL!

I have to admit, my Jello shots were no better than the ones we got at The Rock...blech! I am convinced the novelty has worn off; no more Jello shots for us!

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