Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not Feeling So Well Today

As you can see by the title, I'm not feeling very well today. It started last night & has just kept escalating throughout the day. It's not any normal kind of not feeling well, so it has me a bit worried. I'm going to describe my symptoms for you all & I'd appreciate any feedback as to what I should do. I'm a known hypochondriac, so I don't really trust myself in these situations. Bear in mind that I briefly experienced all these same symptoms earlier this year (January/February), and was told by my doctor it sounded like a viral inner ear infection. The symptoms eventually subsided & I assumed that I had had an ear infection. Well the symptoms are back & it seems wierd that I would have another ear infection, especially one that doesn't hurt my ears (it didn't last time either). Anyway, here goes...

My head feels very strange, like a slight dull pressure mainly near the base of my skull. I'm also feeling off balance and kind of dizzy, which is in turn making me feel nauseated. Also, I keep having random feelings of tingling in my fingers, burning in my toes, and the muscles in my arms and legs feel very weak.

I know this sounds like a lot of really wierd things, but I know I am not imagining it. I'm literally having Bjorn come pick me up from work, because I don't feel like I can be a safe driver! I can't decide if/when I should go to the doctor. Let me know what you think!


Meg said...

I would go to a naturopath ASAP! Like tomorrow. Make an appointment today. A regular GP is going to be totally useless.
I really really hope you feel ok for your big anniversary dinner on Saturday :-(

Becky Hartman said...

Who do you go to? Do I have to fill out a book to be able to go there? Last time I tried to go to a naturopath they wouldn't let me make an appointment until I had taken my basal temp. for like 2 weeks & filled out a book about my life.

Meg said...

No definitely not. I'll email you my Dr. She's in downtown Seattle, which might be a pain but I really love her. She asks you all of the questions in the office. You have to fill out forms but you do it right there. She might even have something for tomorrow if you're not working.
Emailing you now.