Sunday, October 19, 2008

Here's What We Ended Up Doing

So Bjorn and I ended up having a really nice & relaxing day together yesterday. We haven't spent an entire day by ourselves in ages, so it was really fun...for me anyway, I hope Bjorn had fun too! We went down to the edmonds waterfront & wandered around by the water for awhile until we found this giant antique mall that we HAD to go in. They happened to be having an auction while we were there & Bjorn accidentally bid on some seriously giant wine racks. I think you were supposed to build them into your wall, or something. Fortunately he was outbid, but it would have been funny if he'd won. We found a really awesome painting that we bought & several others that we wanted but didn't buy. After that we walked to a little bar by the water and had a couple of drinks before we headed on over to the cutest little Italian restaurant ever. If you're ever in Edmonds I highly reccommend this place, GIARDI'S OSTERIA. It was a little spendy, but the food was awesome & the atmosphere was really quaint & romantic (sorry that's a bit cheesy, but true!). We basically had our server to ourselves, so service was excellent as well. We went for a full on 4 course meal...appetizer, salad, pasta, dessert! It was fun, we never do that, especially dessert. After dinner we came home and watched a movie together (I can't believe he sat through all of A Cinderella Story) & then part of another, until we fell asleep on the couch...ha ha, that's our age showing!

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