Monday, October 27, 2008

Nathan's Birthday Bash

This weekend we threw a surprise birthday party for Nathan! It was awesome because he really had no clue about the party & the look on his face when he saw everyone was priceless...I wish I had a picture!!!! We had Meghan bring him to meet us at The Rock in Lynnwood, under the guise that our friend Liam was in town and we thought the five of us could all get together for dinner. In actuality we had about 20 people waiting to surprise him. After dinner we all came back to our house where we did cake & presents, etc. Here are some great pictures from the evening!

Nathan in his awesome birthday outfit! Mark made the hat; inscribed on the front is "birthday drinks in my mouth." P.S. Don't forget to check out the shoes!

Buckets & Jell-O Shooters...the shooters were really, really, really, disgusting!

Nathan with his birtday cake. I promise you do not want to know what it says!

Random Party Pics!



FatherTime said...

Who is the d-bag with the femi9 products on his/her face-ear and wrist-mouth. What a d-bag!

Nathan said...

Thanks for the surprise birthday bash! It was the best B-day I've ever had, no joke! :)