Sunday, October 12, 2008

I've Been Tagged...

Thanks to OneHealthyMama, I've been tagged. Watch out - you might be next!

Here are 7 little known facts about me:
  • When I was a little kid I wanted to have a kitten farm when I grew up!
  • I absolutely HATE mushrooms!!!! If mushrooms were the last food on earth I would die before I ate them...not joking!
  • It takes me 2 hours to get ready each day & 30 min. to get ready for bed...I wish I was joking!
  • I drool when I sleep! When I first met Bjorn we fell asleep watching TV one time & when we woke up I had drooled all over him; his shirt was soaking wet...and he still married me!
  • I still like Britney Spears!
  • I have 140 plus pairs of shoes...okay, maybe that's not a little know fact, but its still a fact!
  • I really, really want a puppy & Bjorn won't let me have one...okay that's not a little known fact either, but i still REALLY want a puppy!

If you have been tagged (ha ha, gotcha), here are the rules of the game:

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2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog. Some random, some weird.
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Who am I? said...

you are funny. i knew you loved shoes, but i never realized it had reach such heights! also, i love the drool story. :)

Becky Hartman said...

I love the drool story cracks me up every time i think about it!