Saturday, October 18, 2008


Bjorn and I had our first annivesary on the 6th, but due to our crazy busy lives we haven't had a chance to celebrate yet. Today, however, we are finally going to celebrate! Yay! We're going to spend the day together & then go out for dinner on the waterfront in Edmonds. No specific plans yet, but I'll let you know what we end up doing. As for anniversary presents, we exchanged those last night, and I have to say I did GOOD!!!! Bjorn loved his present and had to call Nathan right away to tell him because he was so excited about it. Anyway, first anniversary is "paper" & I was having a horrible time trying to think of some paper item that would be meaningful to Bjorn. Suddenly it came to me, duh! AUTOGRPHED PHOTOS OF BILLY DRAGO, 2 to be exact plus one that is not signed!!! For those of you who don't know, Billy Drago is Bjorn's favorite actor & when I say favorite, I mean he has framed photographs of the man sitting on our mantle...however, none of these photos were autographed, so I upped the stakes a bit. Anyway, in order to get one of the photos I had to buy the whole "Delta Force 2" press kit, so now I have a bunch of unwanted Chuck Norris photos as well! LOL! As for my gift, it was a bit on the unromantic side, but totally sweet because for like the first time ever Bjorn remembered something I had mentioned that I wanted...A JUICER! I can't wait to buy some fruit & make juice!

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Meg said...

Juicer?! I'm totally jealous! What kind did he get you? Did you know that there are like a million awesome raw food recipes that require vegetable pulp, which I can't make because I don't have a juicer?
Happy Anniversary and have fun today :-D